Question I want antique furniture. Will yours really look like the real thing?
Answer Yes, that is what we specialise in: "the look of a genuine antique"; it's all in the finish.

Question We're told in the TV antique programmes that joints in furniture can give away whether they're really antique or not! What kind of joints do you manufacture?
Answer Well, we basically use two joints, a mortise and tenon and a dovetail. You won't be able to tell the difference between an antique joint and one of our new joints.

If you're using new wood and making it look antique, how strong and sturdy will it be?
Answer It will be as strong as the design and the stock allow, old wood and new wood have the same integral strength.

Question Can I come and see my piece of furniture at its various stages of manufacture?
Answer We would be only too pleased for you to come and have a look, you would then get a better idea of the detail you are paying for in a piece of Belvedere Furniture!

I'd like a piece of furniture that looks like it belongs to my 17th century home. Will you do a site visit to make sure you get it right and offer some advice?
Answer It would be a pleasure as long as you are happy for me to call in as and when I am passing. I usually pass most parts of the country during a month.

I've seen a piece of furniture I really like in my local pub! If I take a photo, will you be able to recreate it from the photo?
Answer Firstly I think methodology for shopping for furniture is second to none and secondly, yes, more than happy to work from a photograph and give you a price free of charge.

I think I saw on your website that you said your work is 'guaranteed'. What exactly do you mean by that? What does your guarantee cover?
Answer Simply that I continue to work with you on the piece of furniture you have bought from me until I have a happy customer. If that situation can't be reached then I take the furniture away free of charge and offer £100 to the client to go towards going to another manufacturer!

I have a real antique piece of furniture which is damaged. Would you be able to restore it to how it was?
Answer Yes, we can offer that full restoration service: cabinet making, polishing, upholstering, carving and gilding.

Do you put your own manufacturer's stamp on any piece of furniture which will give away that it's not a real antique?
Answer Yes, there is a small oval brass plaque with the crest and a name on it which will hopefully be there for posterity and help identify that it is from us.

Question Can I design my own carving pattern for a dresser's drawers?
Answer Yes, you can, and I can even suggest some reference books for you to have a look through.

I don't see any office furniture on your website. Can you make an antique styled office swivel chair?
Answer Yes, most things can be worked into a design, even a flat screen TV to disappear down into a Low Dresser!

If I order an upholstered chair, can I provide the fabric?
Answer That is the way in which I work as a rule; there are too many fabrics out there for me to stock and no two people want the same.