Reproduction Antique Tables

OT1 Long Dining Table
OT1D Withdrawing Table

OT2 Long Dining Table

OT3 Joined Long Dining Table 

OT5E Dining Table – Burr Elm Trestle End

OT6 Joined Dining Table 

OT8 Circular Dining Table

OT9 Dining Table – Baluster Leg

OT11 Twin Pedestal – Continuous Support 2 Leaves

OT15 Round Table – Cross Stretcher 
2 Leaves

OT15A Round Table – Cross Stretcher 
1 Leaf

OT16E Dresser Table – Burr Elm – Single Flap
OT18 Single Pedestal – Cross Base

OT19 Single Pedestal –
Bracketed Base

OT20 Round Table – Square Column – 
Cross Base - Oak

OT21 Refectory Table Oval Top Twin Column

OT22 Dining Table – 
Spanish Influence

OT23 Dining Table – Single Square Column Ends

OT23E Dining Table Single Square Column Ends – Elm Top

OT24 Dining Table – Gothic Pugin Design

OT25 Dining Table – Cherry Wood – Cabriole Leg

OT29 Dining Table – Extending Quad Podium – 2 Leaves

OT30 Dining Table – Large – 3 Supports

OT31 Octagonal Italian 
Walnut Centre Table

OT32 French Style Country Table 

OT34E Oval Table – Burr Elm 4 Leg – Exposed Dovetail

OT37C Cherry Cabriole Leg Shaped Side Rail Table

OGT1 Double Gateleg Table

OGT3 Pad Foot – Gateleg Table

OGT7C Cherry Table 4 Leg Pad Foot with Drop Leaves

OT20E Round Table – Square Column – Cross Base - Elm

OT26 Dining Table – Barley Twist – 4 Leg

OT27 Dining Table – French Style with Two Centred Leaves in Two Drawers

OT28 Long Table Carved