070A Enclosed Low Dresser
070H Enclosed  High Dresser
080H Open High Dresser

090 Open 3-Drawer Low Dresser

0902 Joined Open 2 Drawer Low Dresser

0902A Open 2-Drawer Low Dresser – Central Leg

0904 Open 4-Drawer Low Dresser

103 Boarded Press or Aumbry

090H Open High Dresser
091H Enclosed High Dresser

092G Delft Rack

093 Open Low Dresser with Carved Drawers

094 Pot Board Cupboard Low
095H Open High Dresser with Cabriole Legs
096H Parry Dresser - Small

097H Enclosed Small – High Dresser

098 Open Low Dresser
099H Enclosed High Dresser
100H High Parry – Large Dresser


Enclosed Low Gothic Dresser
101H Enclosed High Gothic Dresser
102 Food Cupboard – 3 Door – 3 Drawer
104 Oak Cupboards over Cupboards