The Process

In our workshops, a small team of skilled cabinet makers and polishers make furniture and restore antique pieces to their former glory. The pieces are often copied from existing furniture sold at auction, sourced from standard reference books and catalogues or featured in stately homes. Belvedere Reproductions uses native English Woods from renewable sources. The timber is not reclaimed or recycled; it is new timber from first class timber merchants. They supply seasoned or, on occasions, green timber.

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Furniture constructed with green timber is left to dry naturally for 6-9 months and corrected before being polished, giving it enhanced 'character'.

Belvedere is proud of its work.  Antique pieces have been studied carefully to ensure that ageing, wear and tear and colour graduation can be accurately reproduced to give an incredibly authentic look.

All furniture is made to order, with a turnaround time of approximately 10 weeks. The pieces shown on this website and our CD are there to give an idea of the work we can do. However, we pride ourselves in working with our clients to ensure they get the exact item of furniture they want. Designs and measurements can be altered to suit your requirement.

We can create furniture from scratch to your own design, create duplicates of your existing furniture or create bespoke pieces to match the overall 'look' of your interiors.

Sloping floors or ceilings in your home can be accommodated for, as can the colour of finish that best suits your needs. Colour samples can be viewed by clicking HERE.

But it doesn't end there! We give our clients the opportunity to choose the characteristics of the timber we use to create our pieces. 

Timber can be rustic, very rustic (with knots and splits), clean finished or even green (unseasoned). 

Stylistically we can produce furniture from a 16th century style to contemporary.

But don't be daunted by all these choices! We will be there to guide and inform you and to talk you through the various options.

For a fully specified piece of furniture or an idea sketched on a bit of paper, please allow us to quote.

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